International Moments

Over two decades of friendships have been developed globally.

There’s something in the Arnhem Land water, as we see time and time again artists catapulted into the national and international scene. Artists, whether musical, or artistic, or those that put their names to Yolngu cultural tools such as the yidaki – Australia’s oldest ever musical instrument. As a result, the annual Garma Festival draws an international crowd. From the Timorese, to the Japanese to the Canadian First Nations people – the Garma family is quite impressive. We share this selection of memorable moments with you…..

NOTE* PLACE HERE: Timorese images, and some footage/Asahi Shinbun Newspaper article/Apple iTunes playlist called Garma/Vancouver key forum speech/Big bird shout out in Yolngu matha.


Garma featured in the Asahi Shinbun Newspaper in 2013.